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Lefty Lingos

Lefthanded Lingos:

  • In Japanese, the word for left is hidari. It is derived from dari-on or “horizon” since the Japanese emperor faces south for ceremonial occasions and the sun rises on his left.
  • Ancient selling vessels docked to the left simply because their rudders were attached to the right side. This left side became known as the “port side.”   If someone tells you you’re a “port-sider” it means you are a left-hander.

Lefty Lingo

Here are some lefty lingos:

  • Sinistropedal — means something pertaining to feet on the sinistral side.
  • Left hand of Friendship — offering someone with your left hand in friendship means you are not sincere, or another way of saying you betrayed them.
  • Two left hands — is a modern Hebrew colloquialism for clumsiness