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Lefty Test

Test for Lefties

If you’re walkiing through a park and a soccer ball rolls your way which foot would you kick it?

The dominant foot is usuall realted to your dominant hand.

Lefty Test

Lefty Test:

You think you’re a lefty?

Throw a ball or pick up an item or piece of anything . Which hand did you use?

Lefty Foot Tests

Lefty tests, including foot tests

Well,  just because we write with one hand doesn’t mean it’s our dominant hand. Try this test for “true leftiness” —  

  1. Which leg is on top when you sit down and cross them?
  2. Is your left foot longer and/or wider than your right one?
  3. Which foot do you kick a ball with?
  4. Stand in a room and lean forward until you start fo lose your balance, then stop yourself by putting out one foot. Which one did you use? Most likely, that’ll be your dominant foot.

Lefty Tests

Lefty Tests:

  1. Clap your hands as if applauding. Which hand is on top?
  2. Which hand do you deal cards with?
  3. Measure your arms. Is one longer thant he other? That is most likely you dominant arm.
  4. Draw the head of a person or animal facing sideways. Which way is it facing? Usually, lefties draw faces looking right; most righties draw them facing left.
  5. Clasp your hands together so your fingers interlock. Look to see which thumb is on top. It most likely belongs to your dominant hand.

Lefty Tests

Lefty Tests:

  • Try rolling a piece of paper like a telescope. find something you want to look at and try to see it through your  “invention.” If you peeked through your left eye, chances are you’re a lefty.
  • Start to lean forward slowly until you noticce you are losing your balance. Stop your fall with one of your feet. I fyou balanced yourself with your left foot, chances are you’re a real lefty.
  • Try measuring your arms. If your left arm is longer, chances are you’re a real lefty.
  • Place both of your feet next to each other. If the left foot is larger and lovelier, chances are your a real lefty.

Lefty Test

Here’s a test whether you are left-handed or not:

Go to a clear area and stand still.  Close your eyes. Lean forward until you are increasingly off-balance. Look to see which foot you moved to restore balance.

If you used your left foot, most probably your left-side is dominant.

A Lefty Test

Draw a person’s profile.

If it faces right, chances are you’re a real lefty.