Books on Left-handedness

Through the years, all these books on left-handedness have found their way to my bookshelves. I’ve loved to share them with friends and loved ones. Other books I’ve given away, and whose titles escape my memory, therefore I haven’t been able to include.

Books & Calendars about Lefties and Left-handedness

Left-Handed Guitar by Nicholas R. Clarke. The book includes charts showing chord positions for guitars with strings that are reversed for left-handed play.

Left-handed Kids by James T. de Kay.  New York: M. Evans & Company, Inc., 1989.

Left-handed Man in a Right-handed World by Michael Barsley, with interesting illustrations and sketches by the author himself. London: Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1970. One of favourite books I’ve kept through the years. Barsley begins with “The Case for the Left-handers, then Sun-worship and religion, test for left-handers, to left-handed people and the left-hander’s future.
Left-handed man in a right-handed world;

Left Handed: Right Handed by Mark Brown. A fascinating research into the symmetry of the human body and the specialisation of two hemispheres of the brain. Great Britain: David and Charles Publishers, 1979.
Left Handed: Right Handed

Living Left-handed by Diane Paul. All you need to know about left-handedness. I’ve enjoyed sharing this book with close friends and loved ones through the years as D. Paul explains left-handedness not just for left-handers, but also to lefties’ friends, parents, teachers and anybody interested.

The Left-hander’s Desk Calendar by Cary Koegle. Lefties look forward to this annual lively salute to the lefties and the legacy of left-handedness.  Publishers through the years vary from Price Stern Sloan, Inc. to Andrew McMeel Publishing.

The Left-Hander Syndrome: The Causes & Consequences of Left-Handedness by Stanley Coren. London: John Murray Publishers, 1992.  The author argues that left-handers are an invisible minority who must define themselves and organize for self-protection in the same way that more visible minorities have done.

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