Lefty’s Gadgets & Tools

Dear Readers, esp Fellow Lefties,

With tools and gadgets, what I have in mind is to explore lefties’ products available in the market – shops and stores where they are possibly found anywhere in the world.

At long last, machines, scissors, potato peelers and can openers are being produced with adjustments for left-handed use .

The list is long, from sport, music, to gardening & household tools and other crafts.

Here’s my list:

  • lefty’s golf accessories
  • lefty’s guitar
  • lefty’s garden tools (potting trowel)
  • lefty’s kitchen tools
  • lefty’s musical instruments
  • lefty’s pens
  • lefty’s scissors
  • lefty’s teapot
  • lefty’s writing (pens, ruled spiral notebook)
  • and more …

Note:  The list is not exhaustive.

Some lefty Tools

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